SMS & WhatsApp Marketing
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SMS & WhatsApp Marketing

About 2 billion people use WhatsApp messenger service and the number increases daily. SMS & WhatsApp marketing is one of the cheapest and 5X more effective than any other marketing techniques.

Mobile marketing is a highly targeted two-way communication channel. It allows you to stay in touch and engage with customers on an everyday basis. As the use of smartphones has grown in the last decade, customers prefer and trust chat services and are more likely to open text messages or WhatsApp to check out content at least once a day.


Importance of SMS & WhatsApp Marketing


Smartphones are more accessible than computers. Every smartphone user at least checks their phone once a day to check out updates.

Personal Touch

People use phones to stay connected with their loved ones. Marketing through mobile creates a stronger personalized bond with your audience than any other way of marketing communication.

Lower Marketing Cost

Cheaper compared to traditional marketing such as print ads, billboards, newspapers, television, etc.

Instant Results

People check their emails occasionally, but mobile ads get viewed instantly.

Why choose us?

As most adult uses smartphones to access information, SMS and WhatsApp marketing is the most efficient way to connect with targeted customers. SMS marketing experts at LgoDigital create unique strategies to cater for goals and visions for your business. From message content creation to database management, testing and SMS marketing to performance analysis, we provide excellent end-to-end service for SMS & WhatsApp marketing.

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